Bailey’s Mistake EPK

Welcome to the official Bailey’s Mistake electronic press kit. Below you will find recorded music samples, a live video compilation, a band bio, plus downloadable photographs.

Band bio

Bailey’s Mistake is a four-piece, Celtic-inspired band rooted in music from Ireland and Scotland but with feet firmly planted on New England soil. The band is a musical echo, reflecting ancestral pipe melodies, songs and stories back across the Atlantic to the Old World, where they came from.

Bailey’s Mistake sees traditional music as a jumping off point which can lead almost anywhere.

Drums and electric bass keep people dancing while the bagpipes and tin whistles sound age-old, whiskey-drenched melodies. Meanwhile, all four voices transmit potent tales of love, loss, drinking and maritime disasters which — whether very or old brand new — ring timeless and true.

Live video compilation

Song Samples

“The Night that Paddy Murphy Died” is a song from Newfoundland which often kicks off our live shows. It’s about an unfortunate fellow with friends who seem more interested in having a good time at his funeral than mourning their old pal. The song is paired here with a pipe tune called “The Jolly Beggar Man.”

“Bailey’s Mistake” is an original song telling the half-imagined tale of our namesake, Captain Bailey and his blunder. Just south of Lubec, Maine there’s a bay mysteriously called “Bailey’s Mistake.” As the old tale goes, Captain Bailey mistook the little inlet for Lubec Harbor and ran aground there. Rather than face his ship’s furious owners, he and his crew used their cargo of lumber to build houses and settle down. The song is paired with a modern pipe tune called “Pumpkin’s Fancy.”

This three-tune pipe set includes “The Wee Man From Skye,” hornpipe by legendary Scottish piper Donald MacLeod, “The Wind That Shakes the Barley,” a rousing traditional Irish reel played here as a hornpipe and “Itchy Fingers,” another hornpipe composed by Pipe Major Rab Pinkman of the King’s Own Scottish Borderers.

“Finnegan’s Wake” is a well-known Irish music hall song which we’ve amped up a bit to keep people on their feet and dancing. The song tells the story of Tim Finnegan, a man who dies with a hangover in the second verse. However, two verses later, someone spills whiskey on him at his wake and he comes back to life.

“Keep Singing Until the End” is a singalong song we wrote to see people off at the end of the night. We feel it’s really the best advice, no matter what you’re facing. We then finish the fun with a pair of upbeat Scottish pipe tunes called “The High Road to Linton” and “Miss Kate Dalrymple.”

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Bailey’s Mistake: Travis, Dean, Troy and Rob.
Bailey’s Mistake: Troy and Travis.
Bailey’s Mistake: Rob, Troy, Travis and Dean.