• John and Brownie out on the road
    Starting in 1978, photographer John Coffer and a horse named Brownie began an epic, years-long trek across the United States. Along the way, they made many friends, had multiple adventures and helped revive the 19th century’s greatest photographic achievement: The Wet plate collodion process. When their travels ended, John and Brownie settled on a farm … Read more
  • If, only if
    This song was inspired by something on a long road trip. As we drove, I scribbled out the lyrics and had a song when we arrived.
  • Remembering summertime jazz
    When I made these photos, it was summertime and warm, excellent jazz weather. The Hadacol Bouncers play New Orleans and Chicago-style music.
  • I Am Not Afraid
    Chris was a caring, attentive husband and father. He was a talented, hardworking journalist, dedicated to thoughtful storytelling, too. I’m sure Chris taught me everything I know about writing a story with heart. He was my friend and I miss him, as does everyone who had the pleasure to know him.
  • Raglan Road
    Influential Irish folksinger Luke Kelly once met his poet counterpart, Patrick Kavanagh in a pub off Grafton Street in Dublin one day, or so the story goes.
  • Tarzan and Me
    When doctors gave her just two years to live in 1954, Wilkins took all the money she had, bought an old summer camp horse named Tarzan and hit the road to California.
  • This Milltown
    I wrote this song in the voice a former Maine milltown worker who finds himself old, alone and stuck in a community fading away on the banks of a river. I was going to film it in one of the larger cities where they used to make blankets, shoes and paper — like Lewiston, Biddeford … Read more
  • I’m a Six Foot Man
    I originally set out to write a blues-type brag song but my song came out a lot sillier than those old gems.
  • Bury Me beside the Road
    Written, performed and recoded by me as part of my “Alone Beside the Road” video series.