Bailey’s Mistake (second) first gig

My newest musical adventure played its first full-strength, but technically second, gig on Sunday, Sept. 17, at Cadenza in Freeport, Maine as part of a “halfway to St. Patrick’s Day” celebration. The holiday may be totally made up but the band is 100 percent real.

Featuring myself on guitar and singing, Bailey’s Mistake also sports bagpiper Travis Cote of Limington, Maine, plus my old, trusty cronies Rob Babson on bass guitar and Dean “the human beat machine” on drums.

The band actually had it’s first gig back in June when we played the annual Maine Newfoundland Day party at Poland Spring but we hadn’t quite integrated the bagpipes at that time — and wow, holy cow, bagpipes. They’re such a powerful instrument, there’s nothing like playing along with a set of highland pipes jigging and reeling at full volume. It takes your breath away.

I suppose that’s an appropriate response, given how much air Travis has to blow into those things to keep them humming. Look for an interview and bagpipe primer from him in a future post.

The show was a complete success, we sold out the room, just as Travis and I had done a couple of times before when we played Cadenza as a duo. We’re starting to book Bailey’s Mistake gigs for 2024. Look for us at a venue near you and let us know where you’d like to hear us play.

Watch the video below to get an idea about what you missed if you weren’t there. Also, thanks to the best friend a band could have, Eric Worthley, for introducing us that day.

Stayed tuned for the full story behind the band’s name in a future post, as well.

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